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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Project::Vogue # 2789 Ann Klein Shirt

Projects just tumbling out of the work basket.The knitting ones uploaded , and which I will continue to add have been done in the last year or so.
My leave of absence from sewing was spent knitting and crocheting.
I try not to have more than one big and maybe one smaller project on the needle.

My sewing is another story entirely.I have a basket filled with several projects , already cut ,matching symbols marked or thread traced with appropriate lining and or interfacing waiting for me to get to them.
I know I wont make the best blogger , my journal is in my head.With a photographic memory I am able to remember minute details effortlessly, and not sure the place of web documentation.
But how will DS and co know what I have been crafting at?
I wont make the type of web logger that is able /willing take a zillion pictures and write tomes on choosing projects , patterns , dancing around fabrics choices and techniques through the production stage.

I process and prance around mentally what the next sewing project will be or not.Easy to jettison any dodgy ideas, after all I have a virtual sewing paradise chez moi what with bundles of luscious fabrics( stashed in every available space), designer notions , piles of Burda WOF , hard to find/covet worthy OOP Vogue designer patterns.
By the time I get to the sewing machine , all in theory is ready to roll.
Hot off the Viking Orchidea is this functional shirt.
14 buttonholes held me back for a week or so,guess it isnt piping hot eh?

Project Details
Pattern : Vogue Anne Klein # 2789 OOP
Fabric: Stone Cotton /Elasthane shirting.
Semi fitted shirt with collar and collar stand , upper front extending into tie ends, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs.
Needed to do a FBA(full bust alteration) , shorten the upper back length.
Fairly straight forward instructions if you have your shirtmaking skills honed.
Glitchy bit where the front end ties are folded , mine are suspect.
14 buttonholes that took forever ......................Yikes. and then pesky 13mm buttons to sew by hand.

Great shirt , interesting enough , not many pattern pieces to trim or cut .Came out about the same time as an OOP Donna Karan with the twist tie front and almost as nice.
Better suited to fabric that doesnt crease( like my fav summer fibre linen as ironing isnt fun.
I need a crash revision course on shirtmaking.Come autumn and I will clear some time for the David Coffin book and video.
Twist ( pun intentional) on the classic shirt.
Will make again