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Sunday, October 15, 2006

FO: Ene Scarf from Scarf Style

Pattern: Ene Scarf

Source: Interweave Press Scarf Style book

Yarn: Coned 2/20( finer than 2ply lace weight) Cashmere , Mohair & Nylon blend.

Needles: Circular Addi 4 mm

Original details
It was a relatively quick knit.Completed the scarf/shawl in two or so weeks but then got caught up with stuff .

Double yarn cast on with 375 stitches.Both sides of the central spine and garter edge was knitted at the same time.The stitches quickly tumbled down with the decreases in the various charts.
Great pattern with well annotated charts.
Great Intermediate lace project.
Would I knit again? Probably if there are thirty or so hours in the day

More pictures of project in progress here

There is a french Knitalong with great( IMHO stunning finished versions)
Ene Ensemble