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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Silver Reed HK160 Knitting Projects

A couple of fusion knitting projects from this summer( Fusion Knitting a term used to describe combined machine and hand knitting)

Salina from Rowan Vintage Style
Original done in Felted tweed
Sub yarn: Paton Washed Haze DK cotton acrylic yarn
MK on HK160
Moss stitch hem ,cuffs and lapel handknit
Purchased skirt.

Cardigan from OOP Jaeger DK book
Yarn: Queensland Cotolino( cotton linen blend) absolutely yummy yarn to wear.Light and drapey.Knitting this yarn by hand was a toughie akin to knitting parcel twine
MK on HK160 a 6mm plastic bed knitting machine with 18 stitch punchcard patterning.This is the flatbed version of the covet worthy MK70 KM .Ideal for those DK Dale of Norway type fairisle knits
Garter edging on hems picked up from provisional cast /border picked and hand knit

The machine knit portions were done in no time at all. Imagine knitting a pair of sleeves in under one hour*********fabby

I must do my little blog piece on me , my knitting machines and my views about the current state of machine knitting as a craft.

I am still oogling my recent haul of magazines, amid sewing up tees/skirts to bridge the seasons.
Not making any firm plans for autumn sewing and knitting yet.