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Monday, March 26, 2007

FO: Vogue 2954 Donna Karan Shirt

Patter: Vogue 2954 Donna Karan Shirt Jacket
Fabric: Satin face Cotton Lycra Broadcloth

By hocus pocus I picked out the size to make.With dropped shoulders and a presumed very loose fit , horizontal flat measurements didnt provide a lot to work with.
There is no finished body measurements on the pattern pieces except for the sleeve width.
Alterations are possible as the waistline is marked.
The instructions: Well with sawdust between one's ears , who knows?
I didnt read the instructions properly ( to my peril I add) and with imperial measurements , I messed up a few seams.
Purists may find the instructions for the yoke treatment a tad outdated.
Caution: The belt is the same size for sz 14-20 so one may need to alter.I made the belt san fringe( too lazy) cutting on the cross grain instead of bias because my fabric had lycra.
A fun project in the genre of vintage Issey Miyake patterns with felled seams and loads of topstitching.
The final garment looks heaps better on moi , even with the knockers I cant do anything about.
I would make agin in a heavy silk dupioni or tafetta.
Planning to wear with stretch linen long skirt ( dont ever wear trousers)

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