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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bergere de France Knitting Patterns

Whilst looking for new knitting projects to pack for transit , I pulled out and printed the above pattern from 2002/2003 season off the CD.
Bergere de France Review
Bergere de France is perhaps the other big knitting patterns/yarn company from France( Phildar the other)
The new catalogue and swatch books are now available for 2007/2008 season.
French language patterns
1.Excellent knitting patterns for whole family in the main pattern book.
2.Series of smaller focused pattern books throughout the year.
3.Tricotheque: Great free knitting patterns to download and print.
4.Swatch Book: They have a swatch book priced 5.00 euro , usually given free to EU customers that contain all the current yarns and actual yarn snips
5. Many of the patterns have instruction/tensions for machine knitting.The books have the equivalent KM tensions for the 4.5mm as well as the 5mm knitting machines.
6.Ready to wear collection.
7. Good selection of knitting books( in French) , accessories and bricolage.
Please note: I have only used the French knitting patterns.They have translated some of the patterns to English , I have no experience or desire to try out.

Bergere de France CD
They produce an annual CD containing the current patterns and extra bonus patterns from previous season inedits, free patterns , spring/ summer special ,bebe, layette edtions.These would have been sold for 2.5-4.50 euros each,that equals an extra 150 or so modeles on each CD.
Okay one miss out of the extra four or so glossy magazines, but at 3.90 euros , a bargain still.
The CD is suitable for both PC and MAC annd interactive.Can be used in conjunction with the internet and website.
They have issued four CDs form 2003/2004 to date , the fifth will be the new 2007/2008 edition.The CDs are still available on the website if you know how to search.

Great facility (in the current ) and I suspect subsequent ones
Full list of all the yarns they have ever made.Complete yarn listings with tension, metrage, compostion, suitablity for MK, washing instructions and cross reference with current and discontinued yarns to make substitutions.
That is a yarn company that knows how to do business.
Great mail order service , the postage to United Kingdom and presumably the rest of Europe is very minimal, about a third of what I pay from the Phildar website.

For the North Americas, I have no personal experience but the swatch books/pattern books and yarns are available out of Canada from Club Direct Laine