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Monday, June 18, 2007

Translating French Knitting Patterns

Small post regarding French knitting patterns.There are some exceptional French knitting publicaions.Phildar, Bergere de France, Anny Blatt , Bouton D,or, Fait Main , Tricot Ideal, and offerings from Marie Claire Idee.
What these publications offer for me is the great designs, so not old granny looking sweaters, the
excellent schematics, le mathematique or the modular way that increases/ decreases are written.Stitch glossary at beginning of pattern and the use of charts

French patterns dont translate well into English,( they dont do the three rows before the 34 th row after the second to last decrease nonsense) that is rife with certain English knitting patterns.

Phildar Le Conseil Tricot
Excellent resource on the basics, some stitch patterns, their methods for increases/ decreases/ finishing knits with graphics that are easy to understand

Phildar Knitting Glossary
Searchable glossary

Bergere de France Downloadable Glossaire
A downloadable pdf glossarie.
Trucs and Astuces
Their knitting hints and tricks guide online

Chez Plum article: Knitting from French
Excellent overview with further links and a very good explanation on the mathematique.
The formulae for dealing with shaping( increases, decreases and cast offs)
Similar to the Japanese knitting notations.

Best option would be to learn the notations, and abbrevations for knitting tasks. And knit directly from French .A dictionary would perhaps only be necessary for finishing instructions, short rows etc and completing specific tasks

Me , I am off to continue packing.

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