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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer 2007 Yarn Sales

Yep , not one but two gigantic Liberty of London Sale bags
The summer sales are underway.
Liberty kicked off today with yummilicious offerings
Jaeger is going to be phased out , and all the yarns are going or gone.That is a shame because they do have the some of the best, classic yarns around.
Glee all round because they were deeply discounted

Yarns in the Sale
Jaeger Aqua :all shades
Jaeger Sienna : all shades
Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK
Rowan Kid Silk Night :red
Rowan Kid Silk Haze : mustardy yellow
Rowan Cotton Rope
Rowan Kid Classic
Rowan Holiday or Glimmer: the dishrag looking one
Felted Tweed : some stray packs
The Biggies: sorry I didnt even check
? Very little Rowan Calmer perhaps already snagged

Pattern books from Jaeger/Rowan to match the yarns
The prices are really low, they wont be matched even by the online Rowan seller that seat on mountains of discontinued yarns and then have to shift years later.

John Lewis Paternership sales start on Saturday and they will have in addition to Rowan/Jaeger yarns from Debbie Bliss, LHarding , Patons, Sirdar and Noro

Phildar Soldes
they have started their summer sales online.Guess the best of the sale stock is gone.Well worth a look as they ship worldwide, so buying at 50% discount wont break the bank

I wont be flashing the contents of the bags , since the majority aint mine.
Orders to be mailed out or passed on at rendezvous next week.
It pays to play nice on the internet( none of the "who is she/he that is so pervasive) then you might get some kind knitter helping to spread the yarnie/crafty love.

Presenting my new to me knitting machine

SIT Singer Memo 11/Superba S47/White 1502
French 5mm double bed knitting machine
Three weeks before departure, and hopes of getting the machine to ship out fast fading.I decided to put in a request online for a machine lurking in some attic.Three hours later, I got a postive response.Machine in nearly new condition (despite the fact it was purchased about two decades ago) was mine if I wanted .

Cost was exactly what the crafter had paid for it only a few weeks ago local to her. When I snet payment , the cratfer recognised my name.We had met online in 1998 whilst hunting for OOP Issey Miyake patterns.Suspect I hadnt behaved ghastly or else she might have retracted the offer LOL. Not the reason to aware ( the opposite of bolshie, crappy blah blah blah) that goes on the in cyberspace but this experience is a definite bonus
The machine arrived with a gazillion extras like transfer carriages ,bags of tools, packs of needles and a very much sought after colour changer complete with instructions.

Phildar/ Bergere de France is why I got into machine knitting. Many of their handknitting patterns have instructions /charts or adaptation for machine knitting .The 5mm KM does knit up to light DK like Pure Laine, Oxygene, Canasta etc.It makes using the original yarns even more appropriate.
Suspect I have me the perfect knitting elfin to churn out double time even more French sweaters.

Remember chaps, IT DOES PAY TO BE NICE

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