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Monday, February 19, 2007

Old Curiosity Craft Shop

As a sewer , there is always the pull to sniff out crafting shops, dives even on vacation.

I had the option of travelling forty minutes to a big city to a one stop gigantic superstore chain ,deeply discounted patterns just didnt appear remotely appealing, but for who grew up rummaging Portobello Market and Brick Lane as a young adult , off the beaten path was more my style and def more enticing.
A combination of searching out the local pages jaunes and asking the concierge lead to an addy circled on the downtown street map.
The shop is ehmm , well in smallville , I mean in the middle of nowhere( no offence to the locals)
What a treasure trove
Imagine 1950-70s notions, yarns, tapestry kits, patterns notions.I was told the shop had recently changed hands which led to unearthing many a vintage packs.
For me I purchased
Very vintage button snaps
Silk covered snaps
Current jumbo bias maker( and they stock bigger gigantic ones)
Lucked out on the last Dritz bound buttonholer Oh well.

Vintage Craft Shop

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back Home lugging my designer( laundry )bag

Back in London , maybe not lugging the above Louis Vuitton S/S 2007 bag.
In london it was the buzz before Xmas 06 , now it is mainstream( on UK telly , forums , chat shows ) so very very passe.
Just that my niece in Canada saw pictures in a glossie and was absolutely horrified at the price.
She rolled her eyes and asked what was so different from the half a dozen or so in the attic???
Search online will bring up many posts about the bags , blah blah blah.
We know them as laundry bags in the UK, West African label it as " Ghana must go" a very demeaning referral to luggage used when there was a mass Ghanian deportation form a neigbouring WAfrican country about two decades or so ago.Safe to say street cred down the tube if sported on that subcontinent
The designer MJ in a recent magazine article was quoted as saying" The aesthetics of the design team is reverse snobbery.The clever irony of the laundry bag being a prime example, but the fact that it is finished in exquisite leather elevated it to luxury status".
Me thinks he is taking the mickey.

Six flights, many hours in executive lounges, three time zones , differing weather systems, professional meetings and talks , luxury spa and ski chalet( not piste).I am knackered and need to try and play catch up.
Thanks to all that popped by Bleaksville and left comments.
Have a great weekend

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hand Crafted for me

Happy Valentines's Day

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Currently away on a field trip.

Not been anywhere near this or any other cybersite for some time.
Currently a few thousand miles from base , for the last week and the next too.Closer to eskimos and polar bears than mirages and oases.
Spending some time in Canada on a work trip, then off to a spa for a few days .
After that the ski slopes beckon, more apres ski and hot drinks all day long for me than the ski piste.

Nothing to do with sewing knitting , fashion or crafts.I could come up with some half baked crap , about travel wardrobe choices, fashion spotting .........

Spending time in airports / lounges connecting a zillion flights means I have read many fashion magazines in the past ten days.And I am still convinced they are a complete waste of money and time.
A detour to a bigger Canadian city to look at yarns and sundries if time allows .
Back to London in the next week
A bientot

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