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Sunday, December 24, 2006


Thank you very much for a super sewing friend

Wishing all, the very best for the festive season.

Eku Odun Eku iyedun
Merry Christmas and Happy 2007
Joyeux Noel
Hyvaa Joulua
Froehliche Weihnatchen
Vrolijk Kerstfeest
Boas Festas
Feliz Navidad
Shinnen Ometedo.Kurisumasu Omedeto

Saturday, December 23, 2006

No dress for the festive season?

Cinders may not be going to the ball.There is no new dress for the festive season.
Version three of toile has been made,after two paper ones.The fit perfected,tweaks and glitches ironed out ,I even worked a great series of steps for sewing instructions.
This is the catwalk original of the dress, my version is from Patrones Sewing magazine #251 December 2006 Style 27.
My sewing elves seem to have vaporised, possibly in Lapland?? helping Santa n Mamma Clau
Burda WOF 12/2006 #107 A to the rescue

Sorry about the poor picture quality( still IT poor)
Black viscose lycra front
Stretch tulle for the back, underlined with skintone acetate/viscose tricot knit.
Design Specs
The top is exactly as Burda described , wide ultra low with skinny narrow overlong sleeves.
Great design lines , uber sultry, fitted with contrast sheer tulle back and shelf bra front facing.

Yikes, the expanse of chest on display, if worn in the daytime would get one the sack.No wonder the model sports a giant ruff.
To make it wearble for the day , one would need to raise the front and pinch out a dart to keep the neckline ( from gaping)taut.
Marita has also made this top in the smallest size with same results, and suggested adding ruffled lace edging to make more modest.

Going to the Ball?
You bet , teamed with a RTW silk satin bias skirt and black silk organza shawl as a substitute for the ruff.
And the purple side twist top, converted from Burda WOF 12/2006 # 110 a woven dress pattern for the second dinner party.

Monday, December 18, 2006

What has gone down

Gobsmacked to see that I havent had an entry for a few weeks.Wouldn't even try to give any excuses

Sewing update.
I have only done the not so entertaining epic??? what is required essential needed sewing.
Three grey skirts
Three skinny turtleneck tops
New Look Mock wrap dress

Knit top redraft from Burda WOF woven dress from Burda WOF 12/2006
Knit decollette top from Burda WOF 12/2006

Finished three jacket toiles, and currently working on a dress from the latest Patrones magazine .( Cinders , will I get it done before the festive season is upon one?)

Fashion( &Fabric) Crawl
Lunch at Harvey Nicks
Visit to Giesse Scampoli .
Snoop razz at Flannels
(Think Browns in Birmingham)
My design journal full of tidbits/ inside views of great garments.

Will attempt to put up( blurry pictures, because I stll dont have my computer fixed) .
Octopus/Octopi , any spare hands ...................................... gotta run