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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

FO;Rebecca Issue 25 Top in Weinrot

I have been busy sewing , and catching up with pressing family issues.
I have some recently ( in the last year or so) finished items to list, as well as a couple of UFO that really need to be in the done and dusted basket.
I will upload as often as I am able to over the next weeks , whilst the knitting fades into the background.

Project Specs: GGH Rebecca Issue 25 style #33 Top in Wenrot
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere shade 24
Original requred GGH Capri ,a bourette effect 100% Cotton yarn

Design Mods: Sized up and changed from a teeny strap camisole to wider shoulder full back tank.
The line drawings as always in Rebecca magazine is clear, the stitch pattern and repeat clearly stated( Rowan pls take note) Mods with a calculator and notepad , or in my case Knitware software makes almost anything possible.
Had to add ribbing between the leaves and the remaining stitches before the side seams
I am assuming you are using the German language edition( I only have one english edition despite the newer , all in English all expensive ones)

Few weeks stumbled on this EL Hempathy design.Guess all knitting is made up of knit and purl eh?


Monday, May 15, 2006

Burda World of Fashion Knitting

Getting ready to start some summer sewing , I pulled out some Burda WOF as fondly referred to by sewists all over the sewing community.
First mag in the pile was May 2006 edition.
And found...........

Nice lace eyelet cardi done in a cotton cablee yarn.Equivalent to UK 4ply , would work in Jaeger Siena or Patons 4ply cotton
My sewing plans were soon abandoned , and spent a few hours drooling over my Burda WOF mags.I have all the issues from 1992 here and some earlier ones in another location.
What a treasure trove , there were loads of knitting patterns with cables and nice stitch work.Even though some of the styles were dated drop shoulder sweaters yuck , the stitch patterns will build up into a nice knitionary.Unusual socks patterns( from 1992-1994), fairisle slippers and almost all types of handcrafts(Hardanger, Patchwork , Macrame)

And the scoop was an article about Marianne Isager .
Three of her patterns with charts............................. more later


Friday, May 12, 2006

Dyeing to Knit

Still obsessing about the Phildar # 448 bustier ,but as I have no stash yarn to match , I decided to call an outlet which often stock high end yarns at bargain basement prices.

Not wanting to spend any money ( or as little as possible?) asked about cheap DK cotton yarn in a summer colour.
Yes we have some Yellow DK soft cotton yarn. Think Marigod/Sunflower bright hue ala Van Gogh ( clearly for a tropical summer )

Not wanting to miss a bargain , ordered the 500gm hank and then spent the next 10 minutes or so doing a virtual telephone yarn rummage.I was looking to bring the postage cost down by buying unwanted yarn.Lots of just describe that to me , maybe not , hmm yes please the order was placed and paid for.

Postman drops a package two days later with an assortment including
Fine Cotton Silk tweed yarn.
Purple DK Cotton yarn.
Indigo Aran wt Pima Cotton
Hank of Sunflower Yellow Cotton.

Pulled out and wound a 50gm cake of yellow yarn.It looked and felt just like R DK HandKnit Cotton or a very close relative ,it also knitted to same gauge.
Washed dried and remeasured the swatch ( lost 10% in length) but hand was still good , the ribbing kept their own.

Yikes I thought I really dont wear yellow.So off to pick at MacCulloch & Wallis catalogue in search of cellulose fiber dyes.

Mmmm have I been thrifty? Why not just buy the required Phildar yarn and be done with?
The sad truth is that I am a sucker for a bargain.The cost of the huge yarn pack including postage was the same as the original required yarn,the added bonus of having yarn to experiment on the knitting machine for free.

Now for a crash course on turning yellow cotton to sage/khaki or terracotta


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Interweave Knits Summer 2006 is here

Wow, the summer 2006 Interweave Knits arrived today.
Great service from the subs department with the magazine in London before due date.
I love the articles on lace knitting, there is a must have book list for lace ( if you have an arm and leg to spare to afford them)
I am always seduced by the preview with fuzzy pictures of the designs , but the hard copy always leaves me cold
I do really like the magazine for its articles , extended sizing(Rowan , pls take note)great knitting instructions , plethora of scarves, shawls ,socks and other kitchy accessories.
The garments close up always leave me feeling a bit hmm. Home crafty might be too strong a phrase.Maybe too many design elements in one garment???I do like the streamlined minimalist knitwear(Albeit my foray into whacky Phildar yarn and design combo)
But still inspired and will continue to use design elements on other projects.
Off to browse and drool over yarns/adverts from across the pond.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Phildar 448 #10 Bustier

Phildar 448 #10 Bustier
Originally uploaded by Knittantics.
Swatching for this stunning bustier top.
Specs: Phildar Twenty #448 pattern 10 Bustier
Original done in Coton nr 4, a thickish DK/Light weight Aran 100% cotton yarn.
My swatch in Cotolino is my preferred colour , comes up to the same gauge , but just feels too light and drapey perhaps to hold the ribbing.
Off to buy some yarn or not????

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